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What is Stickmon?

Stickmon is an app that uses your phone's front camera to encourage you to exercise by making you hit an on-screen target through physical movements in real time

A recent ​study says this about laughter


Laughter is good for your health:

It relaxes the whole body,

 boosts the immune system,

 triggers the release of endorphins,

protects the heart,

burns calories,

lightens anger’s heavy load,

and may even help you to live longer.

Laughter has physical, mental and social benefits

If laughter alone can do all this, imagine that being coupled with some physical activity that makes you happy!

Why did we create Stickmon?


In a nutshell: We want people to have fun! And the reasons are:

  • People lead busy lives and don't have time for fun

  • Many are the stresses and tensions of life

  • A study says that children smile about 400 times a day while adults only do 20 times

  • The numbers are even less for laughter

Surely, we could all do with a little more laughter and happiness!

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How is Stickmon a solution?

Stress and a sedentary lifestyle owing to people being seated and/or being hooked onto their handheld devices all the time has given rise to various health disorders, including obesity.

We wanted to come up with a smart solution to this growing global problem.

We took the very thing that keeps people (including children) busy and sedentary, and turned it into something that will get them moving... jumping, kicking, squatting, punching...

Stickmon works on any smartphone, Android or iOS and requires no extra devices.

It is truly the only app you'll need to stay fit, while having fun!